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​Headquartered in Austin, Texas, BISHOP LEGALVIDEO is a full-service video, multimedia and trial services company serving the legal community. Services include video depositions, trial edits, settlement videos,

video conference services and much more.​

I really appreciate your professionalism and technical skills. I am always confident when you are on one of my jobs that there will be no surprises and that the clients will be happy with your services.

Stephanie L. Decker, CSR, RPR

Professional Reporting Services


Thanks for the high quality of your work, your loyalty and the fact we can always depend on you.  You are the best!

Alice London, Partner with Bishop, London & Dodds


We are always relieved when we get videos from Bishop LegalVideo because we know they will be reliable and of excellent quality. They are true video professionals and pay attention to details which are often overlooked by others...

Sherry Wirth, President ,

The Exhibit Company

Litigation Design & In-Trial Support


Bishop LegalVideo   512.423.5168    Based in Austin, Texas

A Legal Video Production Company​

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