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Remote Video Depositions

ZOOM-Remote Video Depositions is a web-based solution for video conferencing. But, it is so much more. Harnessing the power of the internet, DOD provides a completely interactive experience with the witness during a video deposition. This includes the ability to share documents, photos and video. No expensive hardware or software is needed: just a computer and an internet connection.


A better solution for out-of-town depositions


On the road again and opposing counsel announced last question an eternity ago. The hopes for catching the last flight home are fading. Another expensive night in a hotel away from work and family.

Depos ON Demand allows you to attend depositions anywhere in the world without ever leaving your office.



A truly interactive deposition


Depos ON Demand is indeed a powerful video conference tool - but it does so much more. You can easily share documents, photos and videos with the witness.


The entire deposition can be recorded for instant playback and review.  Multiple parties can join from just about anywhere - and all for much less than a traditional video conference. 


Don't let them mange you




Covid-19 has altered how we work, live and learn. Depos-On-Demand (ZOOM) allows us all to continue working safely and securely.

For a demo and more information, contact Tim Bishop at 512.423.5168 or

Web-based solution for computer-to-computer video conference

No hardware or software purchase is necessary

Share documents, photos, video and PowerPoint slides

User-friendly and intuitive

Record meetings for instant playback and review

Integrated telephone conference service for superior audio quality

Multiple attendees

Secure, reliable and cost-effective

Depos ON Demand Tutorial

Cost Analysis:

Safety and health for everyone is the utmost concern during this time of crisis.
Remote Depositions keep you close to home and family while allowing you to serve your clients.
And for court reporters, Depos ON Demand can actually increase your bookings with your clients. For more information, contact Tim Bishop at 512.423.5168 or
Bishop Legal Video   512.423.5168    Based in Austin, Texas

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