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Trevor Sinclair
VP Accounts

Video Depositions

Professional Standards-Better Results

It all begins with the video deposition.  Unfortunately, this is precisely the area so many cut corners. Whether is it is second-rate and outdated equipment to poorly trained videographers, you still pay the same rate.  At Bishop LegalVideo we take the video deposition very seriously.  We utilize professional  gear and redundancy systems for security. The end result from a good video deposition is a better product at time of trial.

Elmo/Split-Screen Depositions

What the jury sees...

...what they need to see.

An Elmo/split-screen deposition is much more engaging for the jury. It creates more eye-contact with the witness plus allows the jury to see exactly what the witness is looking at in real-time.

Now they can see both.

An Elmo/Split-Screen Deposition allows for exhibits, including video, to be displayed to the witness at the deposition. Using PICTURE-IN-PICTURE (PIP) technology, both exhibits and the witness are displayed together for the jury to view. This technique provides more clarity for the jury.


Elmo Document Camera

A switcher and an Elmo are utilized at the deposition to "switch-live" from witness only to the exhibit and the witness-PIP.  A laptop computer can be utilized as well for direct viewing of exhibits and video.  An Elmo Deposition is a vastly improved version of a video deposition.

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