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Synch & Edit

Depoview screen capture

For ease of use and its functionality, we provide all video deposition synch files in the DEPOVIEW format. It is compatible with all major litigation support software and linked exhibits can be included as well.

No additional software is required to play Depoview on your computer.  It is intuitive and allows for word-search and basic edit functions. We can get you up-to-speed (at no additional charge) in the operation of the Depoview format.

Deposition Edit

We understand how crucial a properly edited video deposition is at time of trial.  We are available after hours and on weekends to help meet your deadline.

For a tighter and more presentable edit, we always check for elongated pauses and other issues that may cause problems during playback.

We are conveniently located a few blocks from both courthouses for better service.

Bishop LegalVideo   512.423.5168    401 Congress #1540   Austin, Texas 78701

A Legal Video Production Company​

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